Over 35 Years of Excellence



Your support has enabled Encompass to champion new American musical theatre and contemporary opera for the past 35 years and continue its mission forward to discover and nurture new and diverse talent: composers, singers, lyricists, musicians; provide international exposure for American opera; develop new audiences for music theatre and opera; and create cross-cultural music theatre collaborations.
Your generous support is vital to the creative vision and artistic mission we all embrace.

THANK YOU to Encompass Corporate Funders:

24-7 Contracting Group, William Seidita
Abrams Artists Agency
Alexander Wolf & Son
Allsteel, Lawrence Cohen
Aristeia Metro, Inc., Bob Lefferts
Atlantic Group, Barry Kellman
Axis Lighting
BAM Professional Development Program
Bernhard Design
Carlin America, Inc.
Commercial Flooring
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Ian Philips
Dodger Properties
EKO Productions
Empire Office
Geiger International
Gunlocke HBF, Philip Gerlach
Haworth, Inc.
International Lights, Inc.
John Gallin & Son, Inc., Thomas Gallin
Jujamcyn Theatres
Knoll Furniture

LaCOUR, Paul LaCour
Lehr Construction
Logos Associates, Ltd., Patti & Kenneth Adams
Music Theatre International
Offices Resources Inc., Charlie Saputo
Paoli, Rachel Levine
Picasso Lighting
Reidy Contracting Group, LLC
Richards Climan, Inc.
Sander Partnership, Tracey Katchen
Shaw Contracting Group, Bruce Birnberg
The Shubert Organization, Inc.
Somat Publishing, Edward Thomas
Strategic Global Investments, LLC, Neil Harvey
Stuart Portfolio Consultants
Unity Construction Group
Urban Office Ideas, Inc., Barry Hoffman
W.B. Wood
WME Entertainmment
Wolf Gordon, Inc.
Workwell Partners

THANK YOU to our Patrons:

Adelaide Mestre
Adrienne Arsht
Agnes & James Metzger
Alan & Arlene Alda
Alan Harler
Alex Porter
Alice Rhodes Adler
Allen Davis III
Alvin Deutsch
Andrea T. Haines
Anh-Tuyet Nguyen
Ann K. Silver
Ann Marie Hill
Arthur & Ellen Ross Masella
Barbara & Peter Westergaard
Barbara Bliss
Barbara Lister-Sink
Barry & Fran Weissler
Barry & Lizanne Rosenstein
Bettye Martin Musham
Bob Lefferts
Brian Gray
Brigid McDermott
Carmine Esposito
Carol Avery Haber
Carol Hall
Carol Rothman Forster
Carole Forster
Carole O’Blenes
Casey McNamara
Cathy Rand
Charles & Sylvia Trager
Charles K. Loving
Charles Koppelman
Charles Saputo
Charles Strouse
Charlie Saputo
Cheryl Aaron
Chip Seelig
Christina Maile
Christina Weppner
Clara & Bevis Longstreth
Craig Kinosian
Cynthia Stillwell
Daniel J. De Siena
Daryl Roth
Debra Tanger
Deirdre C. Stam
Derrick Nielsen (Svend Nielsen Ltd.)
Donald W. Fowle
Dr. Joe Feinberg
Dr. Juergen J. Stolt
Dr. Nathan Zullinger
Drew Cohen
Edward Mack
Edward Payson Call
Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas
Eleanore Caracciolo

Elizabeth Dewberry
Elliot H. Brown
Emily F. Seoll

Etty & Jacob Bousso
F. Murray Abraham
Frank B. & Mary Epstein
Freddie & Myrna Gershon
Gabrielle Aversa (CIC, Inc.)
Gary Kolanchick
George & Jean Dowdall
Gerald Homan
Ginger Karren
Gloria E. Fieldcamp
Grace E. McClorey
Greg Matloff & C. Bangs
Gretchen Cryer
Guy Stern
Gwendolyn Gunn
Harold Prince
Harriet Slaughter
Henry Alpert
Honey Waldman
Hyun Kyung Chung
Ilsa Gilbert
Isobel Robins Konecky
James C. Raymond
James H. Willey
James S. Marcus
Jamie Kushwick
Jane Clegg
Jim Dale
Jody Weisman
John C. Jamison
John Kander
John Kander
Jon Offerman
Joy Gardner
Judith Glazer & Robert Stern
Julie May (Innovant)
Kara Unterberg
Karen Fine
Kenneth & Jean Telljohann
Kenneth Kleiman
Kevin Kennedy
Lance Gotthoffer
Leonora Bloom
Lester Wigler
Linda Dennery (in honor of Bettye Martin Musham)
Linda Namias Samuels
Lisa Sayre
Liz McCann
Lois & Dave Carey
Lois G. Schwartz
Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Lynn Kearney
Margaret V. Sandresky
Marge Thomas
Mark Brittingham & Kathy Pine
Mary Maxmen
Mary Rodgers & Henry Guettel
Mary T. Dieter
Mathy & Andrew Mezey
Maury Yeston
Mayumi Deguchi

Michael Kowal
Michael Spresser
Mitchell Bloomberg
Morton & Ellen Hertzmark
Murray Rosenthal
Nadine & Norman Carey
Nadine & Norman Carey
Nancy Ford Charles
Nancy Sondag
Neil Harvey
Neil McKelvie
Pamela Drexel
Pat Reidy
Patricia Rosenfield
Patricia Ward
Patrick Cook
Paul LaCour
Philip Hagemann
Rachel Weiner
Randy Coleman
Rena Bartos
Renee D. Baruch
Richard & Marilyn Berger
Richard C. Johnson
Rick Berube
Rita O’Connor & Ted Schell
Robert Hill Schwartz
Roberta Kaplan
Roger Feffer
Ronni Krasnow
Russ Lapso
Sara Deeley
Sheldon & Margery Harnick
Shiva Pejman
Steven Ritzel
Stuart & David Griffith
Stuart Firestein
Susan Baker & Michael Lynch
Susan Larson & Jim Haber
Susan Lehman
Susan Shively
Suzanne C. Griffith
Suzanne Tick
Tania J. Leon
Terri Katz
Thelma Drew
Theodore P. & Mary Jo Shen
Thomas Gallin
Timothy Smith
Tom & Jayne Coleman
Tom Meehan
Toni Mergentime Levi
Tracey Katchen
Vasi Laurence
Vicki Modell
Victoria Moran
Vincent Biscione
W. Andrew Stover
William Hall
William Hirshberg
William Schwinghammer
William Stiegel


Encompass New Opera Theatre’s productions and activities
are made possible with public funds from:

The National Endowment for the Arts, Access to Excellence

The New York State Council on the Arts
(Encompass New Opera Theatre's programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.)

The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

and with funding support from:

The BWF Foundation
The Cornelius N. Bliss Memorial Fund
The Dramatists Guild Fund
The Edith Meiser Foundation
The Estate of Evelyn Metzger
The Friars Foundation
The Lynn Ahrens and Neil Costa Foundation Fund
Opera Index
The Peckham Family Foundation
The Puffin Foundation
The Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation
The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (for Angel of the Amazon)
Tuft Family Foundation
The Virgil Thomson Foundation
The William Matheus Sullivan Musical Foundation, Inc.


Barbara Bliss Mestre Fund

We thank the individuals and organizations who donated In Remembrance of Barbara Bliss Mestre, (1939-2014), Encompass Board Chair Emerita

Bud Baker
Renee D. Baruch
Lynn S. Biddlecome
Birte E. Codel
Andrew Hertz
Gerald L. Larr, HPM Partners, LLC
Pauline C. Metcalf
Jane Morris
Sheila Sonne Pulling
Judith Welling
Peter J. Merrill/Maggie Stearns, William Sullivan Matheus Foundation, Inc.