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Blood of Angels: Act 2

March 13, 2016 at 2:30 pm
at Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music

A dramatization of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement that still reverberates as strongly today as it did fifty years ago. This opera takes place during the political campaign of George C. Wallace who forgoes his beliefs in equality for his ambition of becoming President of the United States.
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Encompass Develops New Opera | 2015

Blood of Angels
An opera in progress by Richard Pearson Thomas
 •  Directed by Nancy Rhodes  • 
 •  Conducted by Mara Waldman •

Blood Of Angels

Blood of Angels dramatizes the political life of George C. Wallace set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement.

To be elected governor of Alabama, George Wallace discards his original belief in equality and embraces the language of segregation.  His rhetoric has disastrous effects, dramatized by the brutal beatings of The Children’s March and the deaths of four girls in the bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church.

Cloaking his racist message as one of “law and order,” Wallace seeks the presidency, only to be gunned down by a would-be assassin.  Crippled and in constant pain, Wallace ultimately returns to the African-American community and begs their forgiveness.  They grant this forgiveness in the spirit of unity and consolation.
Marie Anello Dennis Blackwell Jesse Blumberg Jennifer Bodenweber Lisa Daehlin
Amy Gluck Scott Lindroth Stephanie McGuire Scott Murphree David Orcutt
Angela L. Owens Joseph Peterson Diana Solomon-Glover Jacob Terrell Richard Pearson Thomas
from New American Opera Previews, Page to Stage on March 15, 2015:
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Blood of Angels


(30-minute staged highlights for Page to Stage)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Encompass Opera Page To Stage

Encompass Opera Page To Stage


From Page to Stage
Sunday, March 16, 2014
From Page to Staget
From Page to Stage
New American Opera Previews
From Page to Stage
A Haunting Celtic Tale of a powerful man, an ardent lover, and a mysterious
woman from the otherworld,in a mythological and psychological thriller.

Featuring award-winning Encompass Singers and Composer
Brittany Palmer
Brittany Palmer

Eapen Leubner
Eapen Leubner
David Salsbery Fry
David Salsbery Fry
King Conchubar
Jane Shaulis
Jane Shaulis
Thomas Kelso
  Artistic Director/Librettist
Nancy Rhoder
Nancy Rhodes
Music Director/Pianist
Mara Waldman
Mara Waldman
Sameer Ramchandran
Sameer Ramchandran
    Angela Huff
Following the performance, Midge Woolsey of WQXR Radio moderated
an onstage discussion with the Composer, Singers, and Musical Team.

The Astronaut's Tale - Encompass New Opera Theatre's production for New American Opera Previews March 18, 2012

The Astronaut’s Tale traces a young man’s life from his first experience of loss, his dog killed by a car, the appearance of a mysterious Einstein-like guide, his youthful desire to become an astronaut, marriage, and the fulfillment of his ambition.

The setting is our own time with its confrontation of science and religion. The opera concludes with a meditation on the nature of the cosmos and our experience of life and death within. The Astronaut’s dream was to be in outer space, but our afterlife is in the inner space where we dream.

"Dear Ann" from Charles Fussell's The Astronaut's Tale

Charles Fussell, Composer
Jack Larson, Librettist
Nancy Rhodes, Stage Director
Mara Waldman, Music Director/Conductor
Tony Bellomy, Pianist
Eric Fuqua, Stage Manager


Christopher Vettel (Narrator)
Eapen Leubner (Abel, known as Ab)
Brittany Palmer (Ann)
Frank Basile (Old Man, Peccavit, the Peddler)

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New American Opera Previews, From Page to Stage promotes contemporary opera to New York audiences though the presentation of staged excerpts of new opera in development. Providing an important opportunity for new composers and librettists to view their work-in-progress with an audience, provides a valuable tool for developing a stage-worthy new work, before it reaches  full-scale production. Post performance audience talk-backs with the creative team and singers, moderated by WQXR Radio host, Midge Woolsey, provide important audience and professional feedback for the creators during the development phase. New American Opera Previews, From Page to Stage creates vital opportunities for young artists to perform in the developing scenes and to work with new writers and composers. This forum provides a natural bridge from academic training to the professional stage.



March 13, 2011
Angel of the Amazon

Music and Libretto by Evan Mack


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March 14, 2010
The Theory of Everything

Music by John David Earnest
Libretto by Nancy Rhodes

New American Opera Previews - From Page to Stage | The Theory of Everything | Encompass New Opera Theatre, Brooklyn, New York

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March 15, 2009
Four Saints in Three Acts

Text by Gertrude Stein
Music by Virgil Thomson
Oratorio Version

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for the 75th Anniversary


New American Opera Previews: From Page to Stage | Encompass New Opera Theatre, Brooklyn, New York